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Our students come from all over the world including Japan - Korea - Poland - Turkey - Spain - France - Italy - Brazil - Portugal - China and many more countries.

Students' opinions are important to us so we check them regularly. Here is what some of our students have to say about Englishouse and learning English with us:

  • I can say in general, the teachers have always been on time, and friendly and willing to help pupils." - GONER BAHADIR (Turkey)
  • I think that studying in Englishouse was the best thing that I have done. The method is really quick to learn and the teachers explained everything very well." - GIOVANNA AZEVEDO (Brazil)
  • Englishouse school of English was so helpful for me. I liked the way Callan Method teaches students. This way of teaching was very interesting and efficient." - CHOI SUNG AHU (Korea)
  • The Callan Method is good in order to study English. At Englishouse the teachers are very good. If I meet people who speak English, I won't be afraid of them." - JONG HEE KIM (Korea)
  • This method works very well for me because I prefer the method of practice rather than by learning with theory. Thanks!" - GUIMEL MEDINA (Turkey)
  • The school with the method has really changed my English and I am very happy. Also, The school is comfortable with a good atmosphere." - JAIRO CORTES (Columbia)
  • First of all, thanks for the nice time I had at Englishouse! The teachers are really good and make it fun." - RITA STANGL (Poland)
  • The school helped me to speak and learn really quickly. It has been enjoyable because of the teachers who have the ability to teach students with passion." SOO ? JUNG HWANG (Korea)

These are just a very few of our 100's & 100's of student recommendations.

  • When I began, It was too difficult, I didn't know how really I could speak. I couldn't understand very well or what they were saying, but now it's much easier. I think that study in Englishouse was the best thing that I've done, Soon maybe I will come back to continue learning English here. The method is rally more quick to learn, now in something I could to understand the grammar and in some things I could learnt however I've not understood the grammar. In others words I like very much how you (method Callan teach the English. Is very easily than the old method, such as writing all the time, less conversation and nothing else. About the teachers, they are very polite, when anybody had a doubt was very clear how then explain for us. - EMANNELLA INGEGNERI SANTOS
  • This school is very, very nice. I enjoyed at Callan Method. I can meet very different people from another country, and I can speak English now. Teacher in this school are very good. - AGNIESZKA WYCHOWATEK
  • I believe the Callan Method is efficient and easy to learn so fast with it. Every day you have the possibility to know new words with its correct pronunciation. I think the Method guarantees an excellent result. My friends say my pronunciation is very much better than when I arrived, and now I understand more. The school with the method has really changed my English and I very happy for that. The school is comfortable with a good atmosphere. - JAIRO CORTES
  • This school is very good. I think the Callan method is one's best. In this school I've learned many things and new words, all teachers are very good. - JASMIL SEZIMOVIC
  • I've had a very interesting time in this school. I like the method because we are always speaking and always learning new words. The people is very friendly and I have met many interesting people and made some nice friends. - LILYANA SINCIC
  • I'm very happy about the school, my English improve, my speaking, and grammar also, now my listening is much better than before, because the Callan Method was very good for my hear. The teachers are very good, besides kind. When I listening a conversation between two people now, I can understand more. London was great for my, London always will be London, is a very beautiful and cosmopolitan city, but very expensive, I spent a nice days in London besides the British English for me is better than American English. So Just I love London. I hope came back soon, and continue study English." - CARLOS CASTELLANOS
  • Thanks to this school I've improved my speaking and listening. Actually, this is a good and nice house of study. It's not expensive and all its teachers are good at teaching. Since I left Callan, I've recommended it to some mates." - HECTOR MUNOZ
  • After studying English at your school I improved my English especially spoken, which proved that Callan Method really works. I'll recommend to anyone who is on the way to learn language. I found the atmosphere was great, and I enjoyed coming to the classes every time. I shall leave with good memories and already meaning to come back to your College next time. I'm in England. I've made friends which other students and teachers, and that is wonderful because we used to meet after school and learning in the natural way by talking to each other.Thanks for everything. - Alicya Wieczorkowska
  • It was a very good for me to have come to this school. I've improved my English and it helped me with the pronunciation because form my point of view it was very bad and now it's getting better. I'd enjoyed studying here. - ROCIO GARCIA SOUTO
  • Firstly thank you for everything kindness, teaching, lovely Christmas party. I could enjoyed this school and I also was improved my English. Now I'm really satisfied. If this possible I'll come back again. Thank you very much Happy New Year. - SUN YOUNG KI
  • I feel my English more improved in the last month. The Englishouse very well school and majority teachers very good. I learened in here more words and more sentences. Also I learned and I understood possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns, it was before very difficult with me but now it's easy. Really I'm happy for learning here. - MOHAMMED
  • Nine months have passed since I enrolled on this school. When I came to London I couldn't speak English at all. And I heard that korena people, above all, needed to practise speaking and that the English school house. Using calan method was the best one for me. So I started learning English at the English house. At the firt time, I felt that this method was very monotonous, and a little boring. But as the time passed, I found my self setting better and improving. Beside I had a good eye I could compare among schools which one was good an how high the quality of teachers has I came to conclusion, I was all right that is. What I chose this school was good. Because the English house gave me many help and my English has just better, even though I am still lackingin English now. We can find very unique points that other schools don't have in other words, this school was very impressive to me the impressive things are that Firstly. They have been keeping the exact lesion time. So that we aren't able to waste the time. Secondly, we have many repetitions in same words next time, we are able use the word with confidence and pronounce the word exactly. Thirdly, the lesion consists of thee parts ? speaking, reading and dictation which caused that I could concentrate the lesion. Above all, it was so good that I met a nice friends through the English house. On the whole, I am satisfied about this school. And I will recommend this school to my friends any way. Thank you very much. I enjoyed this school. - GYUNG ? TADO BAN
  • I have been studying in Englishouse, it was the second school that I've extended sinced coming to London. I have really enjoyed this course, because it has always had a very nice atmosphere and the teachers have always been very helpful. On this school I have improved my English o great dial, especially the quality of my pronouncietion, which has always been my weekness point. I have acquired skill of proper linking words together. During my course I have been studying many useful phrasal verbs and plenty of special idiomatic forms like idioms. In this school especially this last month, at advanced level I improved my knowledge of English grammar. I have realized that some rules one constantly changing and not necessary being used by most English people nowadays. In Englishouse I have learned many practical espects of English which I hope will help me very much in my coreer and in my privete life as well. Folloing my course in Englishouse I am more else to distinguist, the differences between very smilier sounding words because my listening has improved considerably. I have also learned a large variety of new words and developed o new skills, such as writing essays and discussing ideas in groups. After this course I feel much more confident about using English practice. I Just want to say that I really enjoyed the course and the method, because this method make your comprension easier and also is more practical. Was a pleasure to study here. - Javier Solis
  • Very good method, I believe that this method is very helpful for student who are starting their English learning process. Also it is important to highlight that teachers and administration support where really helpful and friendly during my studies in this school. - Lydda Lorena Vasquez
  • This school is very good, and when I have time I , I want to say thank you very much. I like all in this school. I think this school is the best. It's try when school say about study faster. All people here very friendly and I have been here like in home. - Ryslan Koral