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Here are some important points that students should think about whilst in the classroom:

The students' attention should be focused on the teacher at all times and students' books should only be used during the reading and 'new work' hour when some translation of unfamiliar terms might be required.

one of our classes Other things that might cause distraction in the classroom e.g. eating, mobile phones, chatting with other students, writing (except in dictations!) etc. are to be avoided out of respect for fellow students and the teacher.

Questions are asked twice in rapid succession and the answer is then 'pulled' from the student. Therefore, those who pay attention can learn from each other's errors, not only their own.

Students should avoid interrupting the teacher with questions. The Callan Method relies on speed; if a teacher was to take the time to answer each student's questions, the lesson would grind to a halt, and would no longer be participatory for all.

The Callan Method also relies heavily on repetition, not only from the student when replying to questions, but also on a lesson-by-lesson basis, this is to ensure familiarity with and internalisation of the work.

Students can expect the following from the teachers:

  • To remain standing and active at all the necessary times during the lesson. N.B. Some teachers choose to sit during readings and dictations.
  • To speak clearly and precisely.
  • To distribute questions fairly among the students in the class.
  • To dress smartly and respectably as expected in a classroom environment.