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School of English

Learn English in ¼ of the time at Englishouse

The Staff

Our teachers are all fully trained in the Callan Method, with only the best selected to teach you English. All of our teachers are native English speakers.

To be a Callan Method teacher requires confidence, energy, dynamism and a friendly classroom manner. All these attributes ensure that the classes given at Englishouse are lively and interesting for students. 

The School's Principal and Director is Derek van Bloemen 

Carlo studies Philosophy at a London university, it is also one his interests alongside travelling and chess.

Nassir is interested in Sociology and Religious studies. In his spare time, Nassir enjoys listening to music and socializing. 

Susan is an actress and voice coach. She regularly appears in theatre productions throughout the year.

John appreciates fine wine and food and is keen on bell ringing.

Wesley is a DJ for an emerging 'South African in London' internet radio station and has a keen interest in aviation.

Jerome is studying for his degree while he works at Englishouse. He produces Electronic Dance music in his spare time.


Rob an experienced Callan teacher, Rob looks forward to time with family and friends and is interested in current events.

Karl has a lot of experience as a Callan teacher having taught in Japan, Poland and the Czech Republic as well as the UK.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher at Englishouse, please contact us via this page and we will reply as soon as we can informing you how to proceed. 

As well as our trained and knowledgeable teachers, the school could not run without our dedicated and hard working reception staff.

The reception is open from 9:00 - 19:00 each day and our friendly receptionists are always prepared to answer your questions about our prices, courses, the method etc. On any weekday, there will be someone who speaks Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and, of course, English.

However, to save yourself some time, please check this site for information about the school before calling the reception.