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School of English

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Our History

one of our classesIn October 1997 Englishouse School of English started as a small business in Hurlingham Studios, where it took over five rooms on the ground floor of the office complex.

Over the years, after enjoying increasing numbers of students, the school expanded to the first floor of the building and took over another 6 rooms. A modern reception was built as well as a waiting/ common room with a hot drinks machine, a library and some games for students to play.

Today, Englishouse is as popular as ever with the local community and enjoys links with local businesses, which offer discounts on their services and products to our students. The school is chosen by students from many different countries because it is a lively, interesting place to study as our students' testimonies show !

The school has always taken a keen interest in sport and won the Football tournament of London English schools in 2001.