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Course Fees

Enrollment & Tuition fees
At Englishouse we do our best to keep our fees down as other schools increase their fees regularly. Because of this our fees start from as little as ?2.20 per hour and you'll never pay any more than ?6.00 per hour. Below is a complete list of our classes and pricing. We can put together any package that you require.

Download and print out the Englishouse course feesEnglishouse Course Fees

You can have any number of hours per week and as many weeks as you like; the more hours you take the greater your savings.

Scheduled class times:
There are three shifts per day:

09.30am - 10.20am / 10.30am - 11.20am / 11.30am - 12.20am

15.00pm - 15.50pm / 16.00pm - 16.50pm / 17.00pm - 17.50pm

18.00pm - 18.50pm / 19.00pm - 19.50pm

It is always advisable to arrive at the school 10 minutes before the lesson starts to ensure that you do not miss any of it.

Before you begin a class you must be tested to determine your level.

The Testing Times are:

  • Monday at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday at 5:00 pm
  • Friday at 12:30 am and 6:00 pm.

You can pay by credit card, cash, cheque or bank transfer. Please contact us with your requirements and we shall be happy to reply as soon as we can with details of the right course for you.


* Please note
Registration Fee : £15.00
Books : £12.50 each
Tapes : £20.00 (box of 4)
CDs: £25
Bank Transfer fee : £10.00

You may call us with your details over the phone. Or use the 'Contact Us' page.