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The Callan Method

Please click here for a pdf file listing the benefits of studying at Englishouse with the Callan Method.

The Callan Method is fast, practical and 'speaking based'. It is mainly based around the teacher asking the pupils questions. Everyone in the class gets a chance to speak and if anyone makes a mistake while they are speaking, the teacher corrects them immediately.

A lesson consists, firstly, of questions asked to the students in a 'quick fire' fashion, with answers provided by the teacher. The student imitates the teacher and does his/ her best to emulate the teacher's pronunciation and accent.

A Callan class in actionAt the half-way point in the lesson, a reading is given. The students continue the question and answer format. However, this time it is done using differing skills to the other parts of the lesson. The reading passage is taken directly from the students' books from a stage with which they are already familiar. Once again, the teacher corrects all errors made by the students.

After the reading, a dictation is given by the teacher, again from a section of the book which corresponds to the stage that the students are currently studying. A dictation exercise is then given which practises listening (passive) as well as writing (productive) abilities. The teacher reads dictations at a speed that gives the student an understanding of writing in a foreign language under exam-like conditions.

The second hour lesson introduces new work to the class and as well as explaining unknown terms the teacher continues to help the students to perfect their abilities to speak, read and write through a direct method of rigorous repetition.